We believe that education is both the means as well as the end to better life. Education (Inclusive and Child Safety & Protection)


Education is the fundamental and inalienable human prerogative. It sets humans apart from their kins in the animal kingdom. And guarantees the genesis and the perpetuity of culture, civilization and society which are so much so decisive parametres of human progress and the ideals cherished across. The human pre-disposition of knowing the unknown and the inexhaustible quest of unveiling the secrets of the nature has kept man in perpetual pursual of education. The entire edifice of human life is held in place by the mortar of education and its essence and scent runs through the pores of what we define as progress, enlightenment and emancipation.


Governments and societies globally have recognized the importance and indispensability of education and have therefore, made “the right to education” as part of their constitutions and social normativity. India under article 21A has also incorporated the right to education in its constitution. There exists an inseparable nexus between the education and the progress of any nation and the standard of living anywhere is most saliently determined by the educational standards and practices of the place. Education catalyzes not only the individual growth and prosperity but also provides the horsepower for the social and the national development and evolution.


Where as the contemporary world rightfully boasts of its progress and prosperity, the socio-economic inequalities are so stark and conspicuous that equal access to opportunities remains but a dream. The access to quality education has also been undermine by the prevailing inequalities, and from east to west, the educational efficient and accessibility keeps tracing its crusts and troughs, somewhere touching the zenith in Finland. And elsewhere ebbing the trough in Sudan. Nations are unable to breakthrough this spiral and the vicious circle of mutual compounding where socio-economic inequalities feed the inequalities in education and vice-versa. Organizations across the globe are working to minimize these educational inequalities and to promote equal access to quality education universally. These organizations, cutting across the ethno-geographic divides are actively pursuing the cause of universal education and to create equi-potential field. In a world of multi-tedious inequality. ELFA International has been pro-actively enthusiastically and determinedly working in the field of education and has been at the forefront for the cause of quality inclusive education. ELFA International, right from its inception made education the area of immediate focus and primary concern. ELFA’s intervention in domains like safe schools, inclusive education, child safety and protection, life-skill education, has made it in the pioneers of change in the field of education across the UT OF J&K. working with International organizations like UNICEF and World Bank and the state agencies like DSEK AND Samagra Shiksha, ELFA International has been able to successfully conceive and implement the programs like Comprehensive School Safety programme, Whole School Safety programme, and others which not only won accolades at the state and the national level but have also been recognized as the benchmark activities towards ensuring safe and inclusive schools. ELFA International has also been vigorously pursuing advocacy with the stakeholders to push forward the case for Safe Schools. And to bring our educational practices at par with the international standards. While education for all continues to be our motto and the article of faith, the educational needs of children with special abilities, girls and the children from the marginalized sections of the society constitute the areas of heightened concern and interests.


ELFA also contributed to developing a detailed school safety audit checklist for the qualitative improvement in quantitative manner and take into considerations equity and inclusion in the context of Jammu and Kashmir.

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