How to Become a Volunteer (Elfa International)

HOW TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER!  ( (Elfa International))

Are you looking for ways to help out - If yes, ELFA INTERNATIONAL is looking for you! In the wake of the widespread infection of the novel coronavirus (COVID19), COVID SOS is a non-profit initiative to connect senior citizens and specially-abled people with volunteers from the neighborhood who can help them with the delivery of essentials (e.g. groceries, medicines). Volunteers will be added to a database and alerted whenever there is a senior or specially-abled individual who needs their support! Sign up now to make a difference!

Experience of an Intern ( Elfa International)

Understanding of an Intern  ( ( Elfa International))

I worked with ELFA international as an intern for a period of one month. It gave an insight of how non-profit organisations work. With unstable governance people face the worst of the problems. ELFA International has worked thoroughly to keep the most vulnerable groups afloat in society. And has been continually working for the same. I spent time working with the most amazing and welcoming team at ELFA International. All the actions were candid and sincere. With minimal funding and a broad vision for inclusive and fair opportunities to everyone, an optimistic attitude towards everything has been the motivational factor not just for the team but for me as well. ELFA International has inspired me further to find opportunities in social welfare. Especially I am hoping to look for opportunities to work with ELFA International in the future as well.