Shahnaz Mallik

I am blessed with two daughters, one son and a two adorable grandchildren. By profession I am a bilingual school psychologist and a mental health counselor. I serve people from various cultural backgrounds. I was born and raised in India and came to United States in 1975 right after i got married.. After coming to New York I always felt grateful for the material comfort we were blessed with; comfort that my close relatives in India could not
even imagine. I and my husband always tried to help them improve their living conditions and with their education. My heart continues to ache when I see the hunger and poverty in any part of the world including India. I visit my relatives in India every few years and I have also been fortunate to tour several other countries. I enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world, learning about their culture, values, lifestyle etc.

Now, as I am retired, I feel that it is time to give back; to help and engage in projects that aim at improving the condition of the less fortunate. Seeing the world is fun but seeing the world and engaging in community service is more satisfying. I love to help. I am looking forward to this Kashmir trip. This will be my first trip to Kashmir. Hopefully I will get to know the people (every state in India has its own culture and language), listen to their concerns/needs and assist them in the best possible way. I pray to God to make our endeavours a satisfying experience for all of us.