Hanan Zahoor

With a post graduate in management studies from the United Kingdom, Mr. Hanan Zahoor is an incredibly experienced person in the field of Humanitarian sector
Mr. Hanan began his career as a Logistics officer at Handicap International currently known as Humanity and Inclusion mission in Kashmir where he organised numerous camps in far flung areas for people affected by the conflict especially women and children with disabilities. Having exhibited complete dedication and excellence in his work, he was promoted to the position of Finance & Administration Manager in the same organisation to monitor and supervise several poverty alleviation programs across the region. Mr. Hanan continued his work at Handicap International for five years before he took the position of Personnel Administration Manager at Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. Witnessing his passion for this work and impeccable performance, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Head of Human Resource in the same organisation’s country office in New Delhi. He continued working for MSF for another 3 years and truly served the needy by the virtue of the position he held in his organisation. Finally, after a brief period of introspection, Mr. Hanan decided to return to his homeland and commit himself to helping and serving the impoverished and underprivileged of Kashmiri society.