Born and brought up in the northern town of Baramullah Kashmir, M.Amin Bhat Started his artistic career 3 decades ago as a Founder member of Mehboob cultural Society Baramullah,  a theatre group of repute in Kashmir. His first Stage play Man-a-Kis Wanas manz staged in 1985 won him an academy award followed by  his first Nationally awarded Radio platy Nav Tre – Aana Satovuh…………… in 1987. His innovative style of experimentation in traditional Kashmir Theater ( Band Pather) adopting contemporary Socio Political themes earned critical acclaim and many State academy awards for plays like Myon Kaya Soonchu? Ye Naar Kaem Deut? Yes Ye Hajat Tas Te Rawa. Written and staged before 199O.

Amin Bhat’s most acclaimed plays termed as plays of Identity by Indian Express have been staged during the past one decade when  a bold initiative was taken by Bhat and some of his  theatre colleagues to re-start theatre activities in Kashmir. The plays like Naad, awarded as the best play by Academy and Doordarshan, Tchal ( The Trap); White Paper, Shinakti Card, acknowledged as a classic in Kashmiri literature and filmed by Doordarshan; White Paper and April Fool, are some of the highly acclaimed stage plays written and directed by Bhat. These plays, portraying the prevailing circumstances and aimed at objective artistic analysis of the situation have created a space for intellectual inter-action in a charged atmosphere particularly for the uniqueness of their non-propagative  approach as most of them speak between the lines and the thematic message is conveyed without any loud expression of words or action.

Bhat has also been writing short stories in Kashmiri language and some of the stories written by him including Kotar mour,Tamashi ta Tamashi, Rang barangi dastar to mention a few have earned his critical acclaim. 

M.Amin Bhat, is the President of Kashmir Theatre Federation a representative forum of 20 Theatre groups of Kashmir striving for revival  of Theatre in Kashmir ,  General Secretary Adabi Markaz Kamraz, Federation of different literacy organizations striving for the preservation and promotion of Kashmiri language.

Besides being actively associated with Kashmir Theatre, Bhat has written many serials, films and plays for electronic media and his film “ Kiran Kiran Ujala” has bagged the best film award from Doordarshan. Popular live dailyMorning Show Good Morning J&K from DD Kashir, is also anchored  by Bhat .